Vinyl Storage Ideas_ Store Your Vinyl Records Artistically

Storing vinyl records should not be boring. Avoid stashing them in a basket or a box and leaving them lying around in the garage. Vinyl records are a tradition that should be used to tell stories to future generations as technology continues to take over. Creative skills in your vinyl records presentation creates an artistic edge in your room. Here are some of the skills that you can explore as part of your vinyl records storage

Vinyl Storage Rack

Your vinyl records are susceptible to damage if they are not stored properly. A vinyl storage rack is a great option for organizing your vinyl records into nice displays. A rack with a vintage-inspired design with a sleek structure and perfect finish creates a major difference in your living room. You can use different designs of the rack from different materials such as wood or metal. The design entirely depends on your d├ęcor needs and the house style as well. You can get an interior designer to look and advise you on your records’ best rack design.

The famous Alexander rack gives you additional space to place your record player and add a bit of sophistication by placing a small houseplant on top for pomp. It is easy to arrange the records in categories depending on the preferences.

Half Cube

Half cubes are popular, and with some sophistication in the design and the colours, a half cube can be a great option for storing your vinyl records. The cube can hold at most 70 records depending on the size and be a great addition to your living space. It is a great way to represent your personality and allow visitors to explore your records collection.

Tylko has a great selection of half cubes and shelves that are a perfect fit for records display. It is easy for you to get a customized durable and elegant vinyl storage unit to match your needs from Tylko.

A Records Cake Stand

A records cake stand is a perfect idea for storing your records and a great item added to your living room. The stand is displayed in a strategic place next to the record player, probably near a houseplant. It provides perfect protection to your records and brings out your love for music. You can create the stand yourself or have it crafted to suit your decorative needs. It is an inspiring and creative technique for storing your records.

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